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New Years Day Origin

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

Why do we engage in these superstitions that we really don’t overstand. Luke 2:21 And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb. Circumcision is a coming of age ritual for the Sun. Which is born on December 25 and 8 days later on January 1, it is a New Year close to what is called Aphelion, when the earth is closest to the Sun. Thus the old year was ending on December 31 was “cut off” or circumcised and the new year begins in January 1, 8 days from December 25. January is named after Janus the two headed god which symbolize keys of the old year and keys of the new year. This why the zodiac sign the Egyptians used for the time of year presently called January had two heads. This symbol was also known to the Greeks/Romans as Cronus which also means Christ, as Cr in Cronus is Chr Chi rho in Greek as the word Chrishna or Krishna. Cronus castrated his father Uranus, notice the reference to circumcision. Uranus means heaven or sky and is also related to the Sanskrit word for Rain. Coincidently, the zodiac after Capricorn is Aquarius, the water bearer aka John the Baptist who pours out waters on the earth just as Uranus aka the rain does. This ritual of cutting off after the 8 days is also related to the 7 days of creation and of course comes the 8th day. The 7 days are called the Ray of creation and is related to the Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si of the music scale. Do is Dominus meaning Lord, Re is Regent meaning the moon, Mi is microcosmus meaning Earth, Fa for Fate meaning the solar system, Sol for Sun, La for Lactea meaning the milky way, Si for Sidera for the stars all of them coincide with the first 7 days of creation of Earth. The original frequency for earthlings was 432 hertz which coincides with the radius of the Sun which is 432,000 miles. 432 times 33 1/3 is 144,000. This frequency of 432 hertz is aum symbolized by the 3 and the circle. As we know pi is used to measure a circle. Aum or Om is said to be the beginning and the end. (notice the 3 in the Omega an the “o” in lowercase alpha) In the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god. This was the spark the sound the vibration of creation. 432 x 60 = 25,920 As we said previously “word” means the procession which is 25,920 years (24 x 1080) . the 25,920 represents the zodiacs and constellations which total 88. Coinciding with the 88 keys on a piano, get it, Pi-ano that makes sounds/vibrations. So getting circumcised on the 8th day is akin to the Octave means the whole of 8 (since octo is Latin for eight) which is the 8th day. 8 is from the Ana lemma which is Greek for pedestal of a sundial. Again Piano, the Pi of Anu; Anu being the Sumerian sun god from Ur whose symbol is an 8 pointed star the name ANU can be found in the word Uranus which means Heaven. UR ANUs = You are Anu’s or you are Suns/Gods/Stars. You are Christians or “Christ I am”. Romans 12: 5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. This is why these rituals are performed, they are emulating the stars or that age old axiom by the Great one, Tehuti, Djehuti, “As above so below”. The piano has 88 keys

🎹 the white are 52 in number and represent the 52 constellations in the Southern Hemisphere whereas the remaining 36 Black keys are constellations are in the northern hemisphere.

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